Bell Psychology, in Toowoomba, Queensland, specialises in cognitive, social and emotional assessment and IQ testing for children through to adults.

Through the assessment of an individual’s emotional and intellectual capability, valuable information is uncovered to help parents, carers, teachers and individuals make decisions about their next steps in education and development.

Registered teacher and psychologist Gregory Peter Bell MAPS, uses his extensive experience and specialist training to undertake comprehensive testing of children and adults, developing customised support plans to achieve the best outcomes possible.

We specialise in full psychological assessment including:

Bullet IQ testing and assessment

Bullet Cognitive assessment

Bullet Behavioural intervention

Bullet Special Education ascertainment

Bullet Educational Adjustment Program eligibility (EAP)

Bullet Emotional function assessment

Bullet Gifted and talented assessment

Bullet Eligibility assessment of NDIS participants



Do you have a student or is your child struggling in some parts of school, in and outside the classroom?

A Psychological Assessment with
Bell Psychology can help to:

Bullet Uncover why a child may be challenged by different situations, whether it be following instructions, learning materials or social settings.

Bullet Understand the educational and development needs of the child.

Bullet Effectively plan learning activities suited to the child, reducing stress on the child, parent and teacher.

Bullet Create fair expectations of the child.

Bullet Support applications for special needs programs and NDIS funding.


Do you or a family member need some additional support to live independently?

A Psychological Assessment with
Bell Psychology can help to:

Bullet Understand the intellectual ability of an individual and the everyday challenges they face.

Bullet Determine the level of support an individual requires.

Bullet Explore independent living options.

Bullet Effectively plan activities to build independent skills.

Bullet Support applications for NDIS funding and support.

What is a Psychological Assessment?

The assessment looks at an individual’s brain function - how well they think and solve problems.

It also analyses the emotional function – their psychological wellbeing. Information from both of these areas (gathered using various industry-best and acclaimed testing practices) can be used to improve understanding of what is required in order to achieve better outcomes.


What is included in a Psychological Assessment?

All tests are chosen to match an individual’s needs in consultation
with parents, carers and teachers.

Bullet-Green Administration of in-depth and comprehensive tests that can take up to two hours.

Bullet-Green 6 to 8-page full interpretive report.

Bullet-Green Consultation with parents or carers, requiring an hour for each session to discuss the plan moving forward.


BEL-1606089-Website-Design_GregMeet Greg

Gregory Peter Bell – MAPS

Member APS College of Educational and Developmental Psychology, B.A. (UCLA), M.Ed.Stds (UQ), M.Litt.Psych (UNE), Grad.Dip. Clinical Hypnosis (ASH)




“Helping my clients is all about empowering parents, carers and teachers with knowledge and the confidence to move forward with customised learning and development, specifically suited to the individual.”



For Greg, it’s about exploring an individual’s strengths, so those strengths can be nurtured.

Greg has been a registered psychologist for over 20 years, practicing in Australia and overseas. Greg is an Educational and Paediatric Specialist and is a registered teacher.

Greg is also a registered NDIS service provider (registration no. 4050014637). 


Greg is also a registered member of the following:

Accred1 Accred2 Accred3


Contact Greg today to discuss how a Psychological Assessment
may assist in creating a clear plan moving forward for you or your child.